Argentine  Association for  Bonding Therapy
Headquarters: Buenos Aires – Argentina
President:  Ramon Nestor Vega
Representative of the Argentine Association  for Bonding in the Province of San Luis – Kayrós Study: Director: Silvia Garcia
Representative of the Argentine Association  for Bonding in the Province of Mendoza –  Kaiyrós Study –Director: Nicolas Maure

Its purpose, as defined in Article 1 of its statutes defines  its missions and functions as follows:

  1. The practice, study, research and teaching of BONDING Therapy in Argentina
  2. The promotion, dissemination and promotion BONDING Therapy in Argentina
  3. The development and promotion of NIP Groups
  4. The development of primary prevention activities in the area of addictions
  5. To fulfill these objectives, the Association may:
  • a) organize courses, workshops, conferences, symposia, conferences and any events that is intended to achieve its goals, teaching and practice.
  • b) To publish books, magazines, journals, newspapers, brochures relevant to the purposes of the ASSOCIATION.
  • c) To enter into agreements with individuals, companies, public or private institutions, national or foreign, who contribute to the achievement of its objectives.
  • d) Promote, encourage and organize trips, including study and research among members of the Association for the dissemination of its activities and continuous learning of its members.
  • e) To liaise with other national and / or international institutions with similar objectives for conferences and / or activities of trade and institutional strengthening.
  • f) Collaborate with national, provincial and municipal public and private entities on issues and areas of concern related to the objectives of the Association.
  • g) Develop educational and / or training courses on the subject
  • h) To promote and develop all educational, social, cultural and economic activities aimed at achieving the objectives of the Association
  • i) All the activities be nonprofit

In Bonding Psychotherapy in Argentina we put the accent on working with the emotions, the body, movement, and voice. It is developed in a contour of great emotional contention, giving the protagonist role to expression through movement and voice liberation. In the Argentine Association for Bonding Psychotherapy the therapeutic work is organized in the following way:

  1. Weekly groups
  2. Individual sessions
  3. Weekly classes of movement and bodywork
  4. NIP groups (generally there are 8 to 10 NIP groups a year)

The weekly work on body movement – groups/classes/ individual sessions intensifies and consolidates the access to emotions and the emotional opening reached during the NIP groups. The weekly work also contributes to sustain love and pleasure, reinforcing functional neural webs activated with the cognitive re-structuring which happens during the NIP groups. This activation permits to explore these representations more deeply each time, so as to be slowly transformed, easing the deactivation of the evitation system and activating the proximity system.

With the emotional expression in the movement classes, the rational understanding of the symptom or conflict is completed with emotional understanding. This is the key for attitude transformation and a consistent correlation between body-emotion-thought-behavior.

In the NIP groups we work with a group dispositive in which, during a living together week end workshop, lasting two and a half days, people recognize and express their PRIMARY emotions (fear, pain, anger, love and pleasure). Being able to change dysfunctional schema.

We work on necessary structural abilities to reach emotional health. In this way the behavior which permits the representations of secure attachment and bonding is achieved


Ramon Nestor Vega


Maria del Rosario Alonso

Alejandro Florentino Gonzalez

Ariela Paula Fischer

Mariano Gabriel Mármol

Silvia Ester Garcia

Nicolas Maure

En formacion

Doris Saslavsky

Laura Cardozo

Maria Soledad Mármol

Maria Lorena Groppo

Maria Perez Cobo

German García

Florencia Álvarez

Brenda Sarkissian

Sergio García

Sofía Vacis

Ezequiel Fernández

Adriana Guffanti
Prof. de Yoga-maestra de reiki
San Luis

Claudia Amuchastegui (Claudia Elena Amuchastegui)
Lic. en Psicologia
San Luis

Daniela Di dio
Lic. en Psicologia

Fabian Castillo
Lic. en Servicio Social-Lic. en Turismo

Flavia Lucero
Lic.en psicologia

Maria Marta Marquez (María Marta Márquez)
San Luis

Nidia de Andrea
Lic. en Psicologia
San Luis

Silvina Puga
Lic en Psicologia
San Luis

Nicolas Amigot
Acompañante Terapeutico
San Luis