European Society for Bonding Psychotherapy 

The European Society for Bonding Psychotherapy (ESBP), the official organization of Bonding Psychotherapy, is a community of professionals and lay-persons interested in the research, promotion, and preservation of this unique method of psychotherapy. Membership in ESBP is open to all. It has been in existence for over 30 years, (formerly as the New Identity Process) and decided to change its name in 2001 to Bonding Psychotherapy, along with the International and American Societies, to more accurately describe the psychotherapeutic method.

The European Society for Bonding Psychotherapy is a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

ESBP Board of Directors

President: Domingos Neto (Portugal)
Vice President: Bogdan Polajner (Slovenia)
Secretary: Ernst Jaser (Germany)
Treasurer: Odette Lassonczyk (Germany)


  • Flemish-Dutch: Martien Kooyman – Johan Maertens
  • France: Christine Bagnères
  • GermanyJeff Gordon – Christiane Weissbach – Godehard Stadtmüller
  • Italy: Carlo Kreiner – Sylvio Quirico
  • Portugal: Domingos Neto – Francisco Miguel Henriques
  • Slovenia: Bogdan Polajner – Sasa Blazevic
  • Sweden: Inger Johannson – Bo-Göran Gustavsson

International Office
: Moniek Van Deile (Belgium)
ESBP: 0473.877.464